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That's me halfway between Desert Springs and Joshua Tree on my USA trip in '96. When I find time, I will put up some of my photos from that trip. Photography is one of my hobbies, especially experimenting with filters. My official personal homepage is here.
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The Family Photos
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This is my wife Steffi. We got married in 2002, but we've been together since 1996 already. Steffi has a diploma in geology and is currently giving private tutoring in physics, mathematics and chemistry. She would have her own homepage if she was not too lazy to learn HTML ;-) You can send her an email here.
This is our daughter Ariane, born in April 2003. First thing she learned was programming HTML, so she set up her own homepage already (time to follow, Mom :-)). Nothing was pink in our house before, but yet she has chosen it as her absolutely favourite colour. On the other hand, she's as wild as can be (but who says you cannot climb the apple tree in a pink dress?). Click to enlarge Click to enlarge And this is our son Florian, who joined the family in March 2005. He started moving his bobby car before he could really crawl. Now he is an automobile expert and knows almost every make of car.
He stole his homepage style from his sister ;-)
Ariane and Florian like each other a lot. Ariane teaches Florian many things and both take care of each other if one is hurt or cries. And when they team up, they are as bold as brass! (You can see that in their faces on the fotos, can't you? :-))

My parents. My father retired in 2003 after almost 40 years of teaching French and German, but instead of getting on my moms nerves (have you ever seen "Pappa ante portas?") he went back to university to study history of art.
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Among organizing the house and the garden perfectly, my mom started spending a lot of time for genealogical research some years ago and has already written 5 books about our french anchestors (Jesus, how rich we've been before that stupid revolution ruined us ;-))
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Who is still missing? Right, that's my sister. After spending some years working as a foreign language secretary in Brussels, she went back to Germany and settled down in Berlin, just for the one reason that we needed someone there to host us when visiting Berlin :-) She's speaking french, english and spanish perfectly.

Here are some other pages that I'm maintaining.

www.monasteria.de Spannende Wanderungen mit Kindern südlich von München Linux on the Compaq Armada E500
The homepage of our Quake Clan. Steffi and me started playing Quake online in 1997, on some SUN Ultra Sparc stations, and founded a clan in 1998. The clan has been inactive for some years now, because we have too much real life to handle :-) Everything after Quake 1 and Quakeworld was just a crappy imitation of the original anyway, so there was no motivation to play something else. I've moved to Thief then, but that's a different story... Our hiking page "Spannende Wanderungen mit Kindern in Bayern, südlich von München" where we try to collect all our hikes we went on. They are well-suited for kids, some of them quite challenging but not dangerous, with small trails (our kids refuse to walk trails broader than themselves), creeks or waterfalls and spectacular views. If you live near Munich, check them out :-) My Linux on the Compaq Armada E500 page. I started working with linux in 1996. My second Linux laptop was the Armada E500, a 100% perfect Linux laptop, so I setup a install page helping others to get Linux running on it. After more than 15.000 visits I guess I helped some ;-). Unfortunately I'm lacking time to add any updates, although people still send me new information from time to time.